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Religion or Not, Doesn't Matter, Think About It

2013-01-15 17:47:50 by creed2000

One question that I never knew the question to and why when I say this my heart feels like it is trying to just stop and trying to show me what happened and when I thought about it I just somewhat dropped with death and sadness, but I want everyone to think about this and keep it in your mind... my question is,

What is the light we saw before we were born, what if we just saw darkness?

What spirit come within us to make us live?

Are we just beginning to live life for the very first time or is another time to go again and live life?

Did we live at the time of new beginnings?

What life passed down to make us?

What is there to that I am I and you are you but we are living another life, but so similar?

What happened before the age of being born and alive?

Did we live in Heaven before we came down to Earth and be the one to be chosen to be a human being?

I just want everyone to look at the questions and think about it, I'm a teenager and thinking about this now, it doesn't matter what religion, age, appearance, beliefs, or where your from or anything!

I want REAL beliefs and thoughts on this!

Religion or Not, Doesn't Matter, Think About It


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2013-01-15 23:47:01

I sent U a message after reading your post on Spirit Science 22 about creatures of darkness, which should partly answer your first question.
To the second, fifth, and sixth questions: The 'spirit that comes with us to make us live' is the soul, light body, energy vortex of the heart, whatever-you-want-to-call-it... it is a part of The Source, God, 'the greater power,' The Great I Am, Collective Consciousness, Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-Him/Her which is entirely yours, yet never disconnected from The Source, through The Source we are all connected, even though we each get our own unique experience.
*Creatures of the Light and Creatures of the Darkness are both attached to The Source, but through different 'family lines,' which is why each family feels so dis-attached from each other.
The third, fourth, and eighth questions, I can't answer, because I haven't met you nor can speak to your soul through a computer (at least not very well.) Some souls have been around sense the beginning, some souls are new. Some souls return to The Source, some souls choose to live another life on this plain, some choose to live another life on the next plain, what I do know it is a choice we get to make in reverse-time. That means you choose the answer, before you know the question, it is very complicated, hard to explain, and even harder to understand. The short version: Before you asked "Where will I go when I die?" you already answered it, but having thought of the question, you forgot the answer... You can remember, but that takes practice into understanding why you asked the question if you already knew the answer...
The answer to the seventh question is: there is no such thing as 'before life' and before 'birth' as we think of it, there was creation of more unique lives, as 'gods' in way we simply can not understand and beings of matter... 'the soul' was not restricted to 'the body' and not forced to create through it, but could create only by thought.
P.S. I don't believe in Religion, I believe in God, the omnipotent, and the Holy Spirit, the inner 'god of the self,' and Christ, God's 'mortal' sons and daughters, like Jesus and Siddhartha Gautama, who were living embodiment(s) or God, that came to walk the earth so that we may come to know The Source better.
God is unimaginably incomprehensibly powerful, to think you fully understand HIM, is the first step in being misled.

creed2000 responds:

Thank you!